Bring the Energy !

24 05 2012

The 2012 PUD Commissioners race is all about Energy. 2012 will see us elect a President, a Governor, two County Commissioners, and send many new faces into our State legislature.

Don’t let the other races allow you to overlook how vital Electric energy is to our County and region, and how big an impact Clark PUD plays in our lives every day. While our first step is a relatively short campaign, the Commissioner position isn’t a 75 or 120 day job. It is a 6 year committment to the residents of Clark County to provide leadership to a 350 million dollar company of 300 people, in a complex and ever-changing world. That will take personal energy and stamina and a willingness to be continually learning.

The filings are now complete. We’ve got 7 good candidates and about 75 days, to decide who the final two will be to go into the General Election this fall. I’m looking forward to meeting as many of our Clark County citizens as I can during the process.




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